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What To Pack For Your Escape To Samoa

What To Pack For Samoa

Posted by Lucy Schulz on August 26, 2017

You are about to set off on an unforgettable summer holiday to the Pacific islands, but you don't want to forget any of the essentials. Avoid a beach holiday disaster by following our helpful guide for what to take on your beach holiday. 


Let's start our list with "The Obvious" 

The obvious are the essentials to bring but a pain if you forget them! 



Phone charger

Travel Adapters - Samoa uses Australian/New Zealand plugs 

Samoan Tala, credit card or travel money card. Many tourist attractions take cash only so have some ready to go 

Driver’s License 

Travel insurance printed - don't rely on having it on your smart phone because disaster could strike your phone too leaving you out of pocket! 

Don't forget to have your flight, accommodation and airport transfer confirmations on hand as well.  

The essential toothbrush is on our guest's most forgotten list as well  

The Recommended 

You can buy these in beautiful Samoa but you will save yourself a penny or two and earn more time by the beach if you bring them with you 


Insect Repellent

Medication such as panadol 

Sun Hat

Flip Flops or other beach shoes 

Walking Shoes - Step aside beach, a hike up a mountain or to a waterfall is a must do while in Samoa

Swimmers/Bathers/Cozzies/Togs - Whatever you call them where you're from

Summer Clothes 

The Optional 

Camera and charger 

Small handbag 

Back pack

Beach towel - bring your own or just use the beach towels provided

Diary and/or pen 


Sunglasses - the sun in the Pacific is blinding bright (perfect for that tan you want) but we will keep the sunnies as optional since we aren't your optometrist  

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